Lindsey’s Biography

While studying for his BS in Accounting at Bucknell University, Lindsey grew fascinated with the world of stocks and trading. Drawing and reading charts on stocks & indexes became a passion in college and it hasn’t stopped. Lindsey followed his college major after graduating and worked in a small accounting & tax firm for 5 years, but expanded his horizon to include equity & investment services. After moving to Nantucket, he owned and ran several successful businesses, but his love of reading charts & stock trading became greater. Eventually, Lindsey efforts turned to day trading equities and soon to the FX market. Although sometimes using candlestick charts to watch moving averages & trend lines, Lindsey uses mostly pressure charts and is able to locate support & resistance levels to enter trades. Although most of his day trades are to the short side, Lindsey’s success of timing entries and his money management method while in trades has proved to be very valuable to investors and has turned many followers into successful traders.

Day Trading99%

Position Trading90%


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