Clear Lines

After spending over 17 years with Wizetrade as their Chief Equities Strategist and Senior Market Strategist, Kipp Cohen developed the Clear Lines indicator to fill a void for the traders and investors that appreciated the simplicity of Wizetrade’s red and green lines. The Clear Lines indicator follows the basic theory of momentum. Buying and selling momentum is captured and displayed in an easy-to-follow red and green line. Green over red indicates that there is more buying momentum. Red over green indicates that there is more selling momentum. The higher the angle of the green line when going up indicates a stronger up trend. The lower the angle of the red line when going down indicates a stronger down trend. The up (green) and down (red) arrows indicate a trend reversal or a trend continuation.

Clear Lines runs on the Medved Trader platform. Medved was developed by the same team that created the Quotetracker trading platform that was acquired by TD Ameritrade several years back. We selected Medved as our platform partner for many reasons including the ability to create an endless number of customizable layouts, the ease of trading directly from any chart, the support of a multitude of technical indicators and of course the ability for our customers to subscribe to the Clear Lines indicator. The powerful Medved Trader platform integrates with many brokers, including TradeStation, Charles Schwab, Webull, E*Trade, Questrade (Canada), Gain Capital Futures and Interactive Brokers.

This is our swing/position trade layout that was created with the Wizetrade user in mind. Clear Lines Trading

For those that like a simple 2 chart layout, here is an example of one we recently created. Clear Lines Trade Help

The platform allows for users to overlay candlesticks & chart trade directly to many brokers. investment help

In November of 2017 our Clear Lines gave a confirmation up arrow on AMZN around $1175! clear lines investing

The Clear Lines indicator is $59.00/month plus there is an additional platform fee that is paid directly to Medved Trader for $19.99/month (the first month of Medved Trader is free). Annual subscriptions are available for both the Clear Lines indicator and for the Medved Trader platform. You can subscribe to the Clear Lines indicator at the bottom of this page. Once you have signed up for your Clear Lines indicator you will receive instructions on how to sign up separately for Medved Trader.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You will be required to pay a $24.99/month platform fee directly to Medved Trader. They do provide one month for free. Additionally, if you don’t have a funded account with Charles Schwab, Webull, TradeStation or Interactive Brokers, you will be required to subscribe to real-time market data to power the Medved Trader platform. You can use free quotes from Yahoo, but this is not recommended for active traders. Those needing to subscribe to non-professional data for US and/or Canadian exchanges will want to use Quotestream Connect, IQFeed, dxFeed or Barchart. 

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