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Just a word of gratitude for the guidance, more importantly the teaching, on stock trading. I have always been leery of trying to play the market, especially day trading, but your easy and reassuring style of instruction has given me confidence--and therefore financial success. I think listening to your webinar has turned the concept of "playing the market" to timing the market. I especially want to highlight your gracious response to your audience when they trade against your information (as I have unfortunately done)--I especially have tried to heed the "put the stop in quick" advice.

I am a professor by trade--you, Kipp-have made a student.

I send my thanks and appreciation for making a possible intimidating experience, be one of fun, and success.  it is my goal to continue trading as I enter semi-retirement in the next couple years.

With heartfelt thanks

Lo L.

Carl H.

You have to love Equity-Alerts. Where else can you make in an hour what I use to make in a month. Work an hour and take the rest of the day off....I love it!


Pam s.

That's one of the things I love about you.  Every time I've had a question or problem you are right by my side helping me out.  Best customer service I've ever had.

brian k.

Good job Kid, I took your plays last night 50 shares each 4 winner 2 loses, PAWN +1238, WTW -524, BBY +333, LOW +174, TOL -54, JAZZ +512 = total +1683

frank s.

Yesterday the Webinar guys were buying STNE, both up and down.  I liked the charts, so I bought a few hundred shares at 35.50.  Thanks, Equity Alerts (STNE now over $41.00)


two TSLA shorts, 4 bux & 5 bux...done for the day.




norm g.

missed lots of trades but still up over 2 times my daily goal, just goes to show that there are many opportunities here each and every day!!!!!

bill s.

4.50 locked on NVDA. I played TTD the same way last Friday and made $25k. It could have never happened if I wasn't glued to your charts.


Wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday.  A special thank you to Kipp, Lindsey and Jim for such a wonderful teaching experience.  You guys a great!!!!

Michael U.

Jim got in on your coattail add on SQ.....that was the fastest buck ever....thanks

jeff F.

I really appreciate what you, Kipp and the kid do for all of us....what you do actually changes lives in a great way.

joe p.

lots of us have been following Kipp for 15 plus years.  Watch and learn.  We are a community who wants everyone to succeed.

sharon d.

4 times goal today so done, have a great day everyone and thanks for the great trades.

andrew l.

FB 252.50's bought when Club said it was starting to run paid $1.45 just sold for $12.70

clair m.

68 % gain in one acct balance since 12/31/2019

wayne l.

7.16 for $1432 .00 on NFLX. Basically done for the day!!!

brian k.

(Kipp) you taught me everything I know in the past 4 years, you were there every time I had a question,  It’s great that I can post to help out.

fret l.

The only reason I am trading is you Kipp.  I owe you big time.

sharon d.

I have followed Jim on 5 trades and made money on all 5 trades, THANKS JIM!

mark g.

Thank you for your ideas today...up 400 area. Not bad for the first day.

joe m.

Here's another plus about this business - I've hit my target and I'm going to take a couple hours off - I'll check back in the afternoon - thanks for a great morning.

greg z.

Happy Friday everyone.  I am done for the week.  + $10,368.70!

pam s.

yesterday = WGO $3.64, WYNN $8.67, RCL $14.21.   First year of teaching $7,575 - yesterday's profits $8,365

troy r.

You called it, Kipp. 15.50 on TSLA secondary short.  "Don't think, just do". Done for the day. Have a great weekend.