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Just a word of gratitude for the guidance, more importantly the teaching, on stock trading. I have always been leery of trying to play the market, especially day trading, but your easy and reassuring style of instruction has given me confidence--and therefore financial success. I think listening to your webinar has turned the concept of "playing the market" to timing the market. I especially want to highlight your gracious response to your audience when they trade against your information (as I have unfortunately done)--I especially have tried to heed the "put the stop in quick" advice.

I am a professor by trade--you, Kipp-have made a student.

I send my thanks and appreciation for making a possible intimidating experience, be one of fun, and success.  it is my goal to continue trading as I enter semi-retirement in the next couple years.

With heartfelt thanks

Lo L.


Jimmy...I need to thank you again for all you've taught me...yesterday I had 16 winners 3 losses +8.38...all but one were my own trades...all because of what you've taught me!


Greg c.

Hi Jim, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you. Not just for your awesome trades but for giving me something and someone to believe in. The room is fun and full of great traders. My heart-felt thanks to you and the crew.

brian k.

Good job Kid, I took your plays last night 50 shares each 4 winner 2 loses, PAWN +1238, WTW -524, BBY +333, LOW +174, TOL -54, JAZZ +512 = total +1683

frank s.

Yesterday the Webinar guys were buying STNE, both up and down.  I liked the charts, so I bought a few hundred shares at 35.50.  Thanks, Equity Alerts (STNE now over $41.00)


two TSLA shorts, 4 bux & 5 bux...done for the day.




norm g.

missed lots of trades but still up over 2 times my daily goal, just goes to show that there are many opportunities here each and every day!!!!!

bill s.

4.50 locked on NVDA. I played TTD the same way last Friday and made $25k. It could have never happened if I wasn't glued to your charts.


Wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday.  A special thank you to Kipp, Lindsey and Jim for such a wonderful teaching experience.  You guys a great!!!!

Michael U.

Jim got in on your coattail add on SQ.....that was the fastest buck ever....thanks

jeff F.

I really appreciate what you, Kipp and the kid do for all of us....what you do actually changes lives in a great way.

joe p.

lots of us have been following Kipp for 15 plus years.  Watch and learn.  We are a community who wants everyone to succeed.

sharon d.

4 times goal today so done, have a great day everyone and thanks for the great trades.

andrew l.

FB 252.50's bought when Club said it was starting to run paid $1.45 just sold for $12.70

clair m.

68 % gain in one acct balance since 12/31/2019

wayne l.

7.16 for $1432 .00 on NFLX. Basically done for the day!!!

brian k.

(Kipp) you taught me everything I know in the past 4 years, you were there every time I had a question,  It’s great that I can post to help out.

fret l.

The only reason I am trading is you Kipp.  I owe you big time.

sharon d.

I have followed Jim on 5 trades and made money on all 5 trades, THANKS JIM!

mark g.

Thank you for your ideas today...up 400 area. Not bad for the first day.

joe m.

Here's another plus about this business - I've hit my target and I'm going to take a couple hours off - I'll check back in the afternoon - thanks for a great morning.

greg z.

Happy Friday everyone.  I am done for the week.  + $10,368.70!

pam s.

yesterday = WGO $3.64, WYNN $8.67, RCL $14.21.   First year of teaching $7,575 - yesterday's profits $8,365

troy r.

You called it, Kipp. 15.50 on TSLA secondary short.  "Don't think, just do". Done for the day. Have a great weekend.

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