Jim Channell


Jim’s Biography…

Jim started his trading career at the age of 18 trading commodities, studying and learning from Ken Roberts. Charting off the Wall Street Journal including following Jake Bernstein trading futures. He soon fell into the world of business becoming a young entrepreneur and owning dozens of businesses in many retail industries. As his empire grew from retail stores to residential and large commercial properties, so did he. Maintaining his trading all along with massive continued growth. Jim’s career was blooming in all directions. He quickly took a love in studying and learning all facets of the stock market. His true passion became equities and commodities but he also studied currency’s, options, futures, and ETFs. Jim’s career allowed his trading to become more full time as his stores operated themselves. To this day Jim has become extremely proficient in day trading, swing trading and position trading. Jim’s true love is actively day trading the markets full time, his approach to analyzing markets is very unique. He’s constantly analyzing over sold or over bought opportunities, sideways channels, pennant formations, bull flags and buying/selling pressure. He utilizes support and resistance, pivot points, Atr’s, all while monitoring pressure and candlestick charts. Jim has a keen eye for evaluating perfect trades with price and caution. Precise timing on his entries just right to extract the most possible gains out of each and every trade, has made him an extremely successful and proficient trader while profiting millions of dollars.

Jim Channell is also one of the founders of Equity-Alerts.com in 2014 he helped create a live in the market chat room where other traders from all around the world can join in and learn to trade along or improve their trading techniques and abilities.

30 years of trading experience, thousands of hours studying and trading along side some of the most notable traders. He’s purchased tens of thousands of dollars in all types of sophisticated trading software and technology along with operating with the world’s fastest trading computer. Jim’s passion in trading has allowed him to to truly love what he does while far surpassing what he ever could have imagined.


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