Jim Channell
Jim has become extremely proficient in day trading and position trading. Jim's true love is actively day trading the market full time, his approach to analyzing the market is very unique. Jim's approach is to constantly look at over sold or over bought opportunities.    Click Here for Jim's Bio

A Few of Jim's Recent Successes:
9:41am    Long VLTC at $18.69
9:42am    Out VLTC +$0.70!

9:54am    Short HBI at $33.06
10:11am    Out HBI +$0.51!

10:14am    Long EIGI at $17.69
10:20am    Limit out EIGI +$0.70!
2:49pm    Short TWTR at $98.51
3:09pm    Limit out TWTR +$0.94!

10:14am    Long EIGI at $17.69
10:20am    Out EIGI +$0.70!

10:25am    Long WHR at $179.75
10:31am    Out WHR +$1.94!!
Lindsey Perry, Jr.
Although sometimes using candlestick charts to watch moving averages & trend lines, Lindsey uses mostly pressure charts and is able to locate support & resistance levels to enter trades. Although most of his day trades are to the short side, Lindsey’s success of timing entries and his money management method while in trades has proved to be very valuable to investors and has turned many followers into successful traders.    Click Here for Lindsey's Bio

A Few of Lindsey's Recent Successes:
9:00am    Short SKX at $84.86
9:17am    Limit out SKX +$0.40!

9:34am    Short ASML at $111.12
9:37am    Limit out ASML +$1.02!

9:45am    Short MCD at $98.51
9:50am    Limit out MCD +$0.50!
1:53pm    Short AEM at $31.74
1:56pm    Limit out AEM +$1.00!!

10:16am    Long WHR at $179.97
10:27am    Out WHR +$1.02!

10:06am    Long AAPL at $130.02
10:30am    Out AAPL +$0.80!

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".50 out of SKX. Calling it a day, and a week. Kipp the new program is better than ever. Great info and trades with better participation from a lot of great traders. Thanks Kipp, Kid, Jim, and Stephen for keeping it going!"

-Carl H.
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