Stephen Beilby

Options Expert

Stephen’s Biography

After working at IBM for 24 years, Stephen Beilby started a new career in what had been a hobby for many years, trading. Stephen went into trading stocks and options full time in 2002. An avid student of the markets who never stops learning and creating new techniques, he learned to trade futures in 2005 and then added forex to his repertoire in 2006. In 2012 Stephen joined the group at Wizetrade as a broadcaster of their daily webinar, specializing in options as well as futures and forex strategies. He has created numerous videos on various trading strategies as well as a few indicators that can be used to assist in trading. He has also trained and coached a number of students. Stephen never tires of learning about the markets and creating new strategies for trading which he then shares with students.

A native of Arizona, Stephen graduated from Iowa State University with a BS in Computer Engineering and now makes his home in Rochester, Minnesota and boasts of his two daughters and his “supply” of 4 grandchildren while looking to “demand” more in the “future”.

Options Trading99%

Trading Strategies95%

Position Trading80%